Harmony Foundation’s Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To provide the foundation for
sustained recovery from the
diseases of drug and alcohol

Our Vision

Nestled in a serene mountain setting, Harmony provides treatment for alcohol and drug addiction. Clients and their families are welcomed into a collaborative and respectful treatment process that utilizes accepted best practices in addiction treatment. Harmony promotes physical, emotional and spiritual healing, empowering our clients to embark upon the lifelong journey of recovery.

A message From our CEO, Dot Dorman
Harmony was founded in September, 1969 by a few daring individuals with a strong belief that alcoholics needed a safe place to go in order to “dry out”, attend AA meetings and get their lives back on track. There was not much of a program to speak of in the early days, but there was great passion and desire to help people. Admission was more or less a revolving door and people could come back over and over and over…..

Although many things have changed at Harmony for over 40 years, the mission to help the suffering alcoholic and addict remains the same. We have learned much about this disease in 40 years. The 12 steps of AA/NA, etc. still form the basis of our program. We now know that time spent at Harmony is just a beginning in the journey towards a better life. We are driven by the same desire to help people, and we have been able to help tens of thousands!

– Dot Dorman, CEO