Alice Burkholder


Alice began her journey in philanthropy many years ago as a volunteer for the local hospital and started a nonprofit parents’ resource center. When she began working at Harmony, one of her first assignments was to work side by side with the newly hired fund development director. Alice began taking classes and webinars and reading all she could to learn more.  Although philanthropy has always been a part of her job, in 2016, the Board of Directors decided that philanthropy was a very important part of the nonprofit business and was able to move Alice into a full-time philanthropic position.

“I love what I do and am always grateful to Harmony for the opportunity to learn and grow and do what I love. I also carry my love for philanthropy and volunteering out in the community as well. I serve as President of the Estes Park Nonprofit Resource Center Board of Directors. When my term as president is up, I will gladly continue my service on this board.”


Heather Dines

Heather Dines is a CAC I and a long term person in recovery since 2007. She currently works in the Philanthropy Department helping foster relationships with alumni and donors. Heather has served in several roles at Harmony including Business Development. Heather is a strong advocate for recovery and works to build relationships in the community to help share the Harmony message with others.

“I work at Harmony because I believe in Harmony. The work that we do and the way we approach addiction treatment is something I have incredible respect for. We have been around for such a long time and I think that speaks to what a special place it is. The beautiful setting, the spiritual connection felt on campus, the compassion and care our clients receive are just a few of the reasons that Harmony is a special place.”