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Each year, approximately 650 men and women complete treatment at Harmony Foundation and begin a lifelong journey of sobriety. At Harmony, we do not believe that should be the end of our relationship with you. Nor do we think it should be the end of your relationship with one another. Primary residential treatment is a powerful spiritual experience that can bond us for life. We believe that by nurturing that bond, in addition to participating in our local 12-step groups, we will enhance our recovery.

Harmony’s Alumni Services exists to promote and serve the Harmony treatment fellowship. Since 1969, Harmony has treated approximately 25,000 men and women for addiction. Harmony’s Alumni Page is the ideal place for alumni to connect and participate in alumni activities. Please see the links on this page for our Alumni services and don’t hesitate to contact our staff.

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Harmony Alumni are a treasure of referrals and donations. Harmony simply would not thrive without its alumni. Please continue to serve the Harmony community through your referrals to Harmony and your donations. Tell others about the wonderful healing that takes place at Harmony and encourage family, friends, and colleagues to give to Harmony. Visit the Harmony donation page to learn more and to make a gift.

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Harmony Recovery Blog

The Harmony Recovery Blog is intended to enhance the recovery process for Harmony alumni and friends through information sharing in an extended fellowship. We know that the correlation between healthy long-term sobriety and participation in the recovery fellowship is very strong. Sobriety is not a solitary activity; it is a community activity. Our 12-step programs are a major source of that community, but experience teaches that we grow spiritually when we extend ourselves beyond our “neighborhood meeting” as well. This blog will give Harmony alumni and friends an opportunity to reach out to the place where it all began, the friends you made here, and the new friends you will make.

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