Family Addiction Recovery Weekend Program

Attendance at the Family Program is by invitation only. Clients and their counselors decide whom to invite. The program is scheduled the last or next-to-last weekend of the client’s treatment. Persons 12 years old and older may attend, with a 12 — 14 year old accompanied by an adult. If you cannot attend at this time, it is open to you for a weekend during the next year.

The Family Addiction Recovery Weekend Program takes place at Harmony. It includes:

  • Information and group discussion about chemical dependency and codependency
  • Communication skills and other recovery tools
  • Interactive sessions with the client
  • Introduction to Al-Anon; and Al-Anon skills of:
    a.) Detachment with love
    b.) Confrontation when needed
    c.) How to be supportive and minimize enabling

During the family program, family members and/or concerned others will receive information about the disease of chemical dependency, learn that it is not the fault of the family, and that the chemically dependent individual must be responsible for his/her own recovery.

Harmony’s Family Weekend Program

You will be invited to examine how you have been affected by caring about or living with someone with this disease, to recognize that you have choices regarding your attitudes and behaviors, and to understand that efforts to control a chemically dependent person are generally not realistic. Participants can begin to feel better through sharing experiences and feelings, practicing new behaviors, and group support. It is important for family members to become involved in their own recovery. It is beneficial for you and your chemically dependent loved one simultaneously.

If you live with the client, please think about having an alcohol and/or drug-free home by the time he or she gets back.