Short Term Residential Treatment for Relapse Recovery

Harmony RCR – ReCommitment To Recovery

The Harmony ReCommitment To Recovery Program (RCR) is an abbreviated short term residential treatment program for individuals who have relapsed within 1 year of discharge from a comprehensive, accredited 12-Step-Based residential treatment program, such as Harmony’s Primary Treatment Program. It is designed for individuals who are willing to make a serious recommitment to recovery, including a commitment to an appropriate aftercare sober living environment.

RCR Components

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Medical Detox and Stabilization
  • 14 Day On Campus Residential Stay
  • Gender Separate
  • Step 1 Focus on Powerlessness and Unmanageability
  • Relapse Prevention Focus on Obstacles and Triggers
  • Sober Living Aftercare Planning
  • Co-Occurring Disorder Identification and Treatment Planning
  • Peer, Group, and Individualized Addiction Counseling
  • Medical and Psychological Consultation
  • Holistic Services: Fitness, Acupuncture, Yoga, Meditation, and T’ai Chi

Harmony Foundation’s Relapse Recovery Program

Harmony treats addiction through the Evidence Based Bio-Psycho-Social (Body, Mind and Spirit) 12-Step Multiphasic Model. Harmony Foundation treats approximately 650 clients each year. Since its founding in 1969, 25,000 clients have come through Harmony.


To provide the foundation for sustained recovery from the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction

Harmony Foundation RCR Values

Commitment, Confidentiality, Respect, Professionalism, Compassion