Young Adult Drug Rehab

Colorado’s longest running treatment center launches new program to serve young adults suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. Read our news release

Young Adult Recovery Track (YART)

Our Mission

To provide the foundation for sustained recovery from the diseases of alcohol and drug addiction.

YART Vision

To provide the most effective treatment environment for younger clients and their families by which they can begin the healing process and the journey into recovery.

YART Program Overview

Harmony’s YART program facilitates the healing of young adults in recovery through specific educational groups for the young person. Young adults have specific needs as they begin a new life. Harmony recognizes these needs by engaging clients in a more interactive and technologically engaged track.

Colorado Rehab for Young Adults

As the 18-23* year old addicted population continues to expand, Harmony’s Colorado rehab for young adults is there with our YART program, meeting young people’s unique and challenging recovery needs. YART will provide the foundation for recovery and help the client and family to transition successfully into the next steps beyond our young adult addiction treatment program.

Educational Groups:

    • Experiential Art
    • Medical Aspects of Disease
    • Relationships and Codependency
    • Anger and Resentment
    • Grief and Loss
    • Trust
    • Communication
    • Seasonal Off-Campus Sports
    • Life Skills
    • Sexuality
    • Music Therapy
    • Impulse Control
    • Yoga and Meditation
    • Acupuncture
    • Psychological Evaluation and Support
    • T’ai Chi

If you or a loved one would benefit from Harmony’s Colorado rehab for young adults, call us and begin your recovery today. Harmony is a body, mind, & spirit, 12-step-based, residential treatment program for the recovery from addiction. YART is a specialized track for young adults age 18-23* that meets the young person’s unique challenges.

* Upper age threshold may vary from age 23 to age 26 depending on assessment.