Medical Evaluation & Detox

Harmony offers a comprehensive medical evaluation and detox program. During their stay, clients receive medically monitored detox to break their physical dependence on substances in a safe setting. The length of stay varies, depending on their drug(s) of choice, as difference substances leave the body at different rates. At the same time, we also assess their physical and mental health.

Many people who choose medical evaluation and detox decide at the end of the program to enter primary treatment at Harmony. For others, various factors lead them to go through residential treatment at another facility. And some people use the program to break their physical dependence but have not made a commitment to long-term treatment.

We are licensed by the state of Colorado to provide medical detox at our center. Our medical director is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM) as an addictionologist and is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM). Our nursing staff is available 24 hours a day to assist clients with any medical and detoxification needs.