Katy Bettner

Board Member

Katy Drake Bettner is an executive in the entertainment industry having co-founded both Playful Corp, a game studio in McKinney TX with her husband Paul (Words With Friends, Super Luckys Tale) and BetRed Stories, a production company with Amy Redford (The Guitar, Professor Marston and The Wonder Women) out of Sundance, Utah.

As a long time person in recovery, Katy is dedicated to bringing awareness and opportunities to people and families still suffering from addiction serving on various boards including The Treatment Support Fund, Harmony Foundation and the McKinney Chamber of Commerce. Katy is also a member of the Women at Sundance Leadership Council, Women Donor Network, Way to Win, and the TED community. Katy is active in politics and philanthropy while raising 3 kids (10/8/5) a fluffy dog and splitting time between McKinney and Sundance (Dark Money, The Infiltrators, Raise Hell: The Life &Times of Molly Ivins, Swallow, Always in Season).