Erik’s House of Healing

Erik's House of Healing

I’m pleased today to be joined with Jerry Short with Erik’s House of Healing, sober living in Aurora, Colorado.
Thank you.

It’s good to have you here. I feel like it’s taken forever to get this, mostly on my side. I think we’ve canceled and started three or four times, but it’s definitely been worth the wait. So thank you so much.

Today’s meant to be. Thank you. I appreciate you calling.

It’s very. I’ve toured a lot of sober homes and I’m honestly very impressed with the quality of what you’ve put together here. It’s a really lovely place.

I thank you. I wanted to make it nice for people.

Let’s talk a little bit about Erik’s House. We started that conversation a little bit earlier. What was the impetus for you to launch Erik’s house?

Well, honestly, I wanted to … My son and I, Paul, when he was with us, we wanted to make a house better than we could find for him. We wanted to have a place where people could feel comfortable in a nice location. I wanted to offer counseling while people are here without charging extra. We got our house therapy dog, Lucy. We just wanted to make a place for people to heal. It takes a good environment.

We talked a little bit earlier about Erik’s House. Erik was your son.
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The Nectar Group

The Nectar Group

I’m excited today to be joined with Andrea Pitman, executive director and owner of the Nectar Group out of Denver, Colorado. Welcome Andrea. It’s really great to have you and your team here on campus. We’re excited to talk with you a little bit more about the Nectar Group. What I learned about Nectar, it’s a cognitive training and tutoring company. You work to overcome challenges with individuals in thinking and learning. And you have this concept around the four brain pillars. And so, I’m just curious to hear more about what that’s about, and you know, even your motivation as to what helped you prompt starting the Nectar Group. Continue reading “The Nectar Group”

Purpose House Sober Living

Terin De Voto Noonan

I’m pleased today to be joined with Terin DeVoto Noonan who is the owner and founder of Purpose House Sober Living in Fort Collins, Colorado. Thanks for taking the time to come up to Harmony and to share your new program with us. We’re excited about talking about it to others so that folks can learn about you. You’ve got quite a story about your recovery journey, you’re a person in long-term recovery. I’m just kind of curious, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Right now, a whole lot actually. This sober house has been a dream of mine for a really long time, so that’s a huge motivator. Like I was talking with you earlier about, I mean I’m a dad, so being a father is the coolest and most rewarding thing I’ve probably ever done, probably the biggest miracle of my recovery. Really, just the fact of, I don’t know, the ability in recovery to grow on a daily basis is really cool to me, that just getting out of bed and just giving every day everything I’ve got and being able to grow mentally, physically, spiritually on a daily basis is just, it’s a miracle to me honestly. Yes, 100%. Continue reading “Purpose House Sober Living”

Young People in Recovery


I’m pleased today to be joined with Young People in Recovery, Ell Fabricius, who’s the Denver chapter leader, and Emily Burks, Colorado program coordinator. Welcome. So good to have you both here on a beautiful summer day in Estes Park, Colorado. Really glad that you’re here and really happy to talk to you all about YPR and what you all do. I just learned today at lunch that it’s a Colorado-based organization. I had no idea. You all are national, which is even cooler. We’re going to get into learning about YPR in a minute, but we want to learn a little bit about both of you. Let’s start with you first, Ell. What is it that got you connected with YPR?

EF: I am currently enrolled for school in human services with addiction studies. I actually started with YPR as an intern. Then, about a month into my internship, there was an opening for the Denver chapter lead. I applied for that position and it’s been awesome since. I just have been planning all the events and everything like that. For just Denver. Then the all recovery meetings as well. Continue reading “Young People in Recovery”

Lilley Consulting

Lilley Consulting

I’m really excited today to have Joanna Lilley with Lilley Consulting out of Gunnison, Colorado. We’re really grateful that you took the time to drive over the mountain to come and visit with us here in Estes. We’re looking forward to talking with you a little bit about your consulting practice, but before we do, let’s talk a little bit about you. How’d you get into this field?

It’s truly a like 12 plus year journey and to try to sum it up quickly, I worked in wilderness therapy for six years as field staff mostly, and then course directing, wanted to become a therapist, went back to school to get my masters in counseling, which I did, but it was while I was getting my degree that I had my first exposure to what are now college students, the young adults, that population and realizing how thick this epidemic was. Continue reading “Lilley Consulting”

Connections – Health District of Northern Larimer County

Hi, everyone. Welcome to the Harmony Foundation podcast series. I’m pleased today to be joined with Kristen Cochran, program manager for Connections, part of the Health District of Larimer County. Welcome. Really happy that you and your team came up for the day to spend some time with us, and we’re going to spend some time getting to know more about you and a little bit more about Connections. We want folks to recognize you all as a resource in Larimer County and how people can access your services. Before we get into the program, let’s talk a little bit about you. How did you get into this field? Continue reading “Connections – Health District of Northern Larimer County”

Zen Mountian Sober Living

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Harmony Foundation podcast series. It’s my pleasure today to be joined with Erin Rasmussen, with Zen Mountain Sober Living for Women in Centennial, Colorado. Welcome! So good to have on campus, and on a beautiful day.

Good to be here. It’s beautiful up here. I’ve never been up here before, and I’m just blown away by the beauty. It’s really great. Continue reading “Zen Mountian Sober Living”

Courageous Paths Counseling

Courageous Paths Counseling

It’s my pleasure today to be joined with Paulina Seigel with Courageous Paths Counseling out of Denver, Colorado. Welcome, Paulina. So good to have you here particularly You’ve had the opportunity to spend the day with us or at least the morning just learning about our program and so we really want to take this opportunity to learn more about your practice and the work that you all do. I’m specifically interested in learning about the research that you’ve done with Millennials. I had a chance to actually sit in on your presentation that you did at the winter symposium this last January and great job by the way. I mean it was, you’re very good at public speaking and the message was really compelling. Continue reading “Courageous Paths Counseling”

Arbor Counseling

Erin Flynn

It’s so good to have you on campus and I know it’s your first time here at Harmony, so we want to learn a little more about you and understand more about your background. But also kind of hear what your thoughts are about Harmony as well. So let’s kind of kick off first this idea of the work that you do. So you’re in private practice, and the area of focus that you work on is somatic body based work. So can you describe how this is different from what other therapies are? Continue reading “Arbor Counseling”

South Platte Counseling

South Platte Counseling

Really excited to hear more about your program and what you all do, but you have a very interesting story. So I was online looking you up and I learned that you used to play in the minor league baseball team. So how do you go from being a baseball player to being a therapist? What did that trajectory look like?

Well to be brutally honest, what happened was I played sports throughout my life, but I also probably junior high age started picking up drugs and alcohol. Sports and partying went hand in hand, but I will say sports saved my life because it kept me on the straight and narrow if you will, as straight and narrow as you can be when you’re a drug and alcoholic addict.  Continue reading “South Platte Counseling”