Donor Recognition

We thank all who have donated to Harmony in the past and all those going forward for your compassion and generosity to those suffering from the disease of addiction. With your help, we are making a difference!

The Gift of Recovery: Harmony Scholarship Fund

The following trees, flowers, and bricks represent the various donation levels for the Harmony Scholarship Fund. Our thanks to those who have sponsored these in gratitude, honor, and memory.

Trees of Life

As you enter the Harmony campus, the drive is bordered by twenty-four stately pine trees—twelve on each side of the drive—signifying the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. Supporters who have made donations of $2,500 are recognized with a personalized plaque positioned in front of one of these trees, honoring their dedication to helping others find recovery.

  • In loving memory of LeRoy Melvin Hoffman (1915–2010)
  • In memory of Brandon Lloyd
  • Ralph Matteucci, James Matteucci, and Alex Matteucci
  • Dedicated to the recovery of our son, Robert Thoensen
  • Thank you, Harmony, for doing God’s work. Mike and Kathy Hodack
  • In honor and memory of Erin Morfeld
  • TET Family Foundation
  • “You are destined to be the person you decide to be.” ~B. Ford


A donation of $250 places a plaque in our Garden of Hope, an area located just outside Harmony’s main lodge. Metal flowers carry a personalized message and stand tall to show our donors’ commitment to helping others in need.

  • Dedicated to Anton and Bonnie with love, Mom
  • With gratitude, the Rev. Leo Booth (43rd reunion)
  • Carlton and Sharon White (two plaques)
  • Laura, for helping us love in a different way
  • Mary Reese, most loving mother, wife, and sister
  • Trust in God, clean house, and help others.
  • United at Harmony, 9/10/11: Suzanne and Rick
  • With gratitude, Judy Collins (41st reunion)
  • In memory of Irene Clarke, with gratitude
  • In memory of Howard Clarke, with gratitude
  • For Howie M. Gratefully, Michael McC.
  • Paul D. Whittle and Linda S. Whittle — Two Miracles
  • To Tom McC., with gratitude, Michael McC.
  • Jim Gardner and his grateful family
  • Dr. Mel Pohl, honored speaker (Reunion 2014)
  • D. D. Lewis, honored speaker (Reunion 2015)


A donation of $150 places a brick on the Serenity Path. Located just in front of the main gazebo, the Serenity Path’s personalized bricks serve as a permanent reminder of our donors’ support in helping individuals recover from chemical addictions.

  • Rick and Suzanne, September, when it comes (Reunion 2009)
  • In honor of Jessica Swan
  • Recovery: I want to be me. Alone I’m not; together we are.
  • With gratitude, Joyanne Matthes — Bridge the Gap
  • Merry Christmas 2011. Gratitude to Harmony counseling staff
  • Mackenzie Martin (6/6/12), with gratitude
  • Hope and faith, Ruth and Roger Swan
  • Fire Detection Systems of Colorado — Larry and Sandy
  • Let go. Let God – B. J. Jones and Larry Dreyer
  • It works if you work it.
  • With great gratitude, Jean C.
  • Reilly and Dee Gallagher — Sobriety rocks!
  • In memory of Chris Kvien — Readers Peek
  • Chris and Christine C. — February 1995
  • Mary Reese, loving mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend
  • Jessica Swan – Lily Ventrell. Open heart. Open mind.

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Capital Campaign Pledges

The following have made pledges to the Support and Renew Capital Campaign. Thanks to the generosity and foresight of these donors, we are able to expand and update our campus to move forward with continued and expanded quality treatment.