A solid network of recovery support is a critical aspect of maintaining sobriety. As clients near the end of their treatment program, we connect them with long-term alumni in their area who can continue the peer support and help them connect with the local recovery community.

Our concern for our clients does not end when they finish residential treatment. Our continuing care program—Harmony Aftercare—provides ongoing support services for those who have completed our residential program. Our continuing care program is not a 12-Step program. The two are complementary modes of support. While clients are encouraged to attend 12-Step meetings, Harmony Aftercare provides continuing care through trained therapists.

This service is available at no cost to clients and their family members.

Harmony Aftercare has two meetings each week, one in North Denver and two in Fort Collins. These sessions are led by Harmony therapists who work with clients and their family members to address issues in their recovery. In addition, therapists are able to notice early signs of potential problems and get clients the help they need to prevent a relapse.

Preparation for continuing care begins when clients enter our program. A clinical case manager is assigned to track the progress, and weekly meetings between the case manager and client gives them the opportunity to plan for care after they leave Harmony. Knowing our clients well allows us to develop a post treatment plan that meets their needs.


Heritage College
4704 N. Harlan Street, Ste 670
Denver, CO 80212


Harmony Recovery Center
109 Cameron Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525

Harmony Recovery Center
109 Cameron Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525


Questions?  Please Contact:
Penny Dougherty, CACIII
AfterCare Counselor
970-577-4702/cell: 970-685-1536