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Past Webinars

Addiction Interactions: Identifying and Treating the Neuropathways of Addiction

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

In this presentation, we will explore the 4 types of Addictions (substance, process, feeling, and compulsive attachments), along with the 4 Addiction Neuropathways (arousal, numbing, fantasy, deprivation) and how these various types of additions and pathways don’t just co-occur but actually interact with each other in powerful ways to form the black hole of Addiction Interaction Disorders. We will explore several of the overall 11 forms of Addiction Interactions and why identifying these is crucial for the overall treatment of these addictions and for long-term success in relapse-free sobriety and recovery. Continue reading “Addiction Interactions: Identifying and Treating the Neuropathways of Addiction”

Understanding Intervention and Structured Family Recovery®

*This presentation is no longer eligible for a CEU*

Intervention is not what you see on tv. At least not a good intervention. Intervention is a loving, caring experience that doesn’t have to be confrontational. It should be designed to preserve the client’s dignity at all costs. Structured Family Recovery® is the culmination of good intervention and good treatment. It is about creating a recovery support team out of a family to improve outcomes and bring a family together in ways they never imagined. Continue reading “Understanding Intervention and Structured Family Recovery®”

Can You See Us?

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

The term, “I don’t see color” is often used by individuals to describe their views on diversity but this phrase can be detrimental in therapeutic settings when treating persons of color. The ability for providers to “see” color allows for the development of culturally competent programming and is the critical factor of developing a therapeutic alliance. Continue reading “Can You See Us?”