Harmony Collective

Harmony Collective

For the past 49 years, Harmony has been THE foundation for sustained recovery from the disease of addiction for thousands of people and their families.

Our success can only be realized with your generosity. In order to show gratitude and to recognize the importance of your monthly contributions to accomplishing our mission, we have created Harmony Collective, a community of Harmony benefactors.

Join today with a recurring gift that will collectively transform lives.

In honor of our 50th year, we have set a goal to raise $50,000 this year in recurring gifts. We know we will reach this goal with your monthly support. The incredible power of collective giving offers a way for you to choose how much you want to contribute. Every dollar collected supports our mission.

Choosing to contribute a monthly gift of $25 or more will allow you to receive a special gift, the Harmony Collective Member welcome packet, monthly impact updates and an opportunity to purchase advanced pre-sale tickets for Harmony’s 50th Gala Celebration this fall.

This recurring income is the key to Harmony’s sustainability. The impact of your generosity cannot be understated and enables us to make a profound difference in the lives of so many!

Please consider setting up a regular monthly donation and help us reach our goal!

Click the link, it only takes a few minutes.


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