Family Program


Currently, Harmony is offering a modified Family Engagement Workshop that is available to all families of current and former clients.

This Virtual Education Group has two goals. The first is to provide education to family members about the disease model of addiction and how it can help them come to understand their loved one’s condition.

The second is to give family members a time to express themselves and begin to heal their own pain, while also engaging in self-examination.

The three hour session is facilitated by a licensed therapist.

Download the Virtual Family Education and Support Group Flyer Here



Harmony believes that on-going support for families is vital after treatment. The healing of one facilitates the healing of the other. By overcoming the hurt and resentment and restoring relationships through courageous and compassionate communication, families are able to move forward in recovery.

Our weekly virtual meetings are a peer driven model allowing families from
with all spectrum’s of recovery to come together to discuss issues like, boundaries, self-care, co-dependency, enabling, trust
and communication.

Any family member or loved one of a Harmony alumni is invited to participate in this free online peer led support group.

Weekly Virtual Family Meeting
Wednesday 6:00pm–7:30pm MST

Download the Virtual Family Peer Led Support Group Flyer Here


Harmony provides a limited
in-person 1 day Family Program.

This invitation only program is facilitated by Family Therapist, Morgan Roy.

This one day workshop will focus on:

  • What is P.A.W.S?
  • What Does Your Recovery Look Like? Developing a Personal Wellness Plan.
  • Identify healthy strategies to support your loved one returning home from treatment
  • Understand healthy boundaries and learning to let go.
  • Learn why detaching with love is good for you and your loved one in early recovery.
  • Identify Family Resources and Support Groups to assist in the recovery journey.
  • Open Dialogue and Q&A session

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Fort Collins, CO 80525

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