Family Program

Addiction is a family disease. It affects both the client and their family, and recovery requires healing for all parties. But addiction is also connected to the structure, relationships, and dynamics within a family. Such factors can be contributing causes to the development of an addiction. It is therefore necessary to adjust the family dynamics so recovery can become a durable condition.

The pain of addiction is not limited to the person with the substance use disorder. Family members are affected by watching their loved one spiral downward as the disease progresses. The pain of seeing the effect addiction has on the user is compounded by the helplessness family members feel. In addition, the behavior of the addicted person can cause direct pain in the form of damaged relationships, financial problems, and sometimes even physical abuse.

At Harmony, we are committed to the healing of both our clients and their families. The healing of one facilitates the healing of the other. By overcoming the hurt and resentment and restoring relationships through courageous and compassionate communication, families are able to move forward in recovery.

Intensive Family Program

We offer a two-day Intensive Family Program that takes place on weekends. Program is Saturday and Sunday. Families attend the program near the end of the client’s treatment, so they will have already made significant progress toward recovery.

Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am to 3:00

The weekend program has two goals. The first is to provide education to family members about the disease model of addiction and how it can help them come to understand their loved one’s condition. The second is to give family members a time to express themselves and begin to heal their own pain, while also engaging in self-examination. The sessions also facilitate the process of clients and their families moving forward through renewed relationships and understanding.

Family Program Booklet