Dr. Rob Leach

Rob Leach, PsyD, MBA

Dr. Leach is responsible for assessment of mental health needs and treatment planning. He also conducts counseling sessions. Dr. Leach is dedicated to helping clients find healthy and effective ways to feel better and reach their potential. He uses a collaborative approach with the aim of turning difficult life situations into opportunities for personal growth.

Clinical interests include psychological and cognitive assessment, evidenced-based treatment for depression and anxiety, and effective stress management. Dr. Leach earned his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the University of Denver.


Joseph Snoha M.Div, CAC II


Joseph is a CAC II therapist with an undergraduate degree from Allentown College of Saint Francis de Sales in Center Valley PA and a Master of Divinity and Master of Theology from Mary Immaculate Seminary in Northampton PA. Joseph worked at Saint Michael Community a residential treatment program in Saint Louis, Missouri and at Hospitality House, an outpatient addiction treatment program in Philadelphia, PA and DePaul University working with students in Chicago Illinois. Joseph joined Harmony four years ago and is currently the Team Leader for the Harmony Men’s Program.

“Harmony Foundation offers a welcoming and supportive environment in which clients could address their problems and receive the help they need to develop and sustain sobriety. I love the natural setting of our campus and the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues in our service with the clients.”

Lois Menke-Cashman

Lois Menke-Cashman, MSW, LCSW, CACIII

Counseling Manager

Lois completed her BSW at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN in 1983. During her undergraduate training she was afforded the opportunity to complete a practicum with Hazelden in Plymouth MN. She was subsequently hired to work as a technician and found this experience with addiction to become a passion in her career. Lois received her MSW from CSU in 2011 and is currently an LCSW, CACIII. She has worked in a variety of clinical settings to include Medical, Psychiatric, Hospice, Addiction all of which has given her a rich experience to understand individual clinical needs.

“I am grateful to work with an organization which allows me to support clients in understanding the interplay of trauma and mental health on recovery. This interplay has been my clinical passion throughout my career no matter which setting I have worked . I find Harmony to be committed to Evidence Based Practices as well as creative and innovative in meeting individual client needs. This commitment makes Harmony and exciting place to work.”

Trent Burkholder CAC III


Trent has an undergraduate degree from University of Colorado, Boulder in Psychology. He is a CAC III men’s primary therapist at Harmony Foundation. He joined Harmony six years ago after working for a year as DUI Counselor. Trent has over 13 years of sobriety and utilizes his recovery experience and clinical best practices in CBT to help clients find support in their early recovery from addiction.

“Harmony is special for many reasons; the location is one of the most beautiful in Colorado, the emphasis on the 12 steps is important to me because I know it works, the staff all really care about the work, we are non-profit and mission driven, and there is a spiritual component (not religious) that many treatment centers don’t give enough focus to nowadays.”

Ashita Alexander M.Sc, MA


Ashita is a graduate of Christ University, Bangalore, India with a Master’s of Science in Psychology (Clinical). She completed a Masters in Addiction Counseling from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies in Center City, MN. She worked in an addiction treatment facility in India and worked with both men and women at Hazelden Betty Ford.

“Even though I’m 8000 miles away from my family and some friends, Harmony feels like home. The staff we have is welcoming and supportive and is a huge part of what makes Harmony special as well as the location! Because we are a smaller team than most organizations, I find that treatment here is personal and intimate on all levels.”

Parker Schneider

Parker Schneider, MA, NCC, NLC


Parker has a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Parker has a combined 9 years of experience working in community mental health, therapeutic and educational group work, residential treatment, professional training and consultation, experiential education, and trauma therapy. Most recently, Parker was working with The Blue Bench in Denver, CO, providing therapy to survivors of sexual violence and other forms of trauma. Parker has worked primarily with clients from marginalized communities and brings a social justice lens to all client interactions. Parker believes an intersectional and trauma-informed approach is necessary for understanding the disease of addiction and its impact.

Penny Dougherty CAC III


Penny is a CAC III therapist who has facilitated the aftercare groups in North Denver and Loveland for seven years. She has worked in the field of addiction counseling for the past 12 years. Prior to working at Harmony Foundation, Penny split her time between her private counseling practice and her full time position with a long established addiction counseling firm in Boulder. In this position, Penny developed the firms relapse prevention program and provided supervision and support to CAC I and CAC II staff, as well as facilitated DUI education/therapy, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention and Non DUI Alcohol and Drug Education groups and counseled private clients. She attended Immaculata College in Pennsylvania and Odyssey Training in Denver. Penny has almost 20 years of recovery from addiction and is a passionate proponent of the power of recovery.

James Hart CAC III


James has an undergraduate degree in theater at DePaul University in Chicago, IL and a Bachelors in Psychology from Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. James has worked with a diverse group of people over his 20 year career, including the homeless in Portland, Oregon. He has worked in both psychiatric, detox, residential and outpatient programs helping individuals with both mental health and substance use disorders. He currently runs the Young Adult Recovery Track at Harmony helping young adult clients identify those issues that contribute to substance use behaviors and building in healthy coping skills to stay sober. James is no stranger to mental health and addiction issues in his family. He utilizes his personal experiences to help clients at Harmony.

“I really enjoy being at the intersection where people are discovering a new way of being that is closer to their true self. I see this happen every day I work at Harmony. Both the staff and the clients are actively encouraging each other to live in the present, do the work needed to grow, and to be kind to each other. I love that. Plus I often have an 8 point bull elk outside my office window, you just don’t get that anywhere else.”

Uric G.

Uric Greer, M.A.

Mental Health Professional

Uric is a graduate of Naropa University, Boulder, CO where he earned a Master’s of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling. Additionally, Uric earned a M.A. in Science Education from Western Michigan University prior to arriving in the world of addiction and mental health treatment in 2015. Uric’s work within this field began when serving as a practicum student at Harmony. He then worked as a mental health Crisis Therapist within a regional behavioral health agency prior to returning to Harmony in 2019.

“My experiences at Harmony, both past and present, have been delightful. Staff members are warm, compassionate, non-judgmental, collaborative and caring: the best interests of our clients are truly at the heart of all we do. Additionally, the location soaks into your bones, reminding each and every one of us – clients and staff – of the necessity of healthful and fulfilling contact and connection with our world and the people in it.”

Gretchen Leezer

Gretchen Leezer MA, LPC, LAC


Gretchen has a Masters in counseling psychology with 12 years experience in therapeutic programming, teaching and experiential education. She is a licensed professional counselor and a licensed addictions counselor in the state of Colorado. Gretchen has an extensive work history treating adolescents and young adults and their families. Her primary therapeutic approach is relational therapy. She uses evidence-based approaches such as CBT and DBT as well as experiential and gestalt therapy, mindfulness, art and wilderness practices.

Colin E CCM

Colin Eisenach

Clinical Case Manager

Colin has enjoyed Colorado’s Front Range since 2011. With a background in HVAC systems Colin worked for local concerns until forming his own renovation business in 2015. After an introduction to the recovery community in Colorado, Colin found that he had a passion for helping others. A career of service work began in 2013 at first helping local recovery groups, this developed into a role with Colorado’s Alcoholics Anonymous working to promote collaboration between AA and treatment facilities in Larimer county. In this role, Colin communicated with Harmony Foundation staff which eventually led to him assuming the role of a Counselor Tech at Harmony Foundation in February 2013. The passion for helping others discover the freedom and love of life that recovery offers motivates Colin every day in the role of a Clinical Case Manager.

Spiritual Counselor

Mike Lewis MA, LPCC

Spiritual advisor/Detox Counselor

Mike is a graduate of Naropa University with a Master’s in Contemplative Counseling Psychology. In 2009, Mike was ordained a Buddhist monk and Novice Priest after seven years of residential monastic training in Buddhist and Catholic monasteries. In 2017, he finished his ordination training to become a Zen Priest. Mike was raised Christian, and beginning in his undergraduate years, he expanded his exploration of the spiritual realm through meditation, Yoga, and through decades spent in the wilderness working as an internationally certified Mountain Guide and Outward Bound instructor. Though Mike is primarily Buddhist, he incorporates a variety of religious, spiritual, psychological, and scientific approaches to his personal and professional practices. Mike has been guiding and assisting others through personal and spiritual transformation in the wilderness since 1993 and in residential treatment since 2006.

Life can be an incredibly enriching journey if we muster the courage to let go and follow our hearts toward our true life’s calling. Recovery is an opportunity to wake up to a life that transcends the ordinary. What awaits is beyond comprehension and deeply fulfilling. We just have to be willing to trust in something greater than ourselves and whole-heartedly invite that into our lives.”


Denise Cote, CAC II

Assessment & Family Program Counselor

Denise is a CAC II assessment and TCP counselor. She joined the Harmony team in 2013 first as a counseling tech serving both the men’s and women’s communities, then as the detox counseling tech. With over 8 years of sobriety, Denise is very active in her AA community home group. She often leads meetings, sponsors sober events and volunteers much of her time to help others on their journey in recovery.

“Harmony’s history is rich, the mountain setting is beautiful, the passion is contagious, and the people who work here are dedicated to helping people discover a new way of living. For me at the core of being a counselor and working at Harmony is the experience of learning about what it means to be human. Day in and day out I have the privilege of being with people in their suffering, in their love, in their hope and in the intricate depth of their stories. In this landscape I am constantly finding myself grateful and in awe of the human spirit and all its ways. There is nothing like seeing someone who arrives in a desperate state, seemingly completely lost to their addiction, but who is now living a serene stable life.”

Michael Seeley, MA


Michael has a Masters in professional counseling and is currently pursuing his doctorate in psychology. Hel has extensive experience working in the private, non-profit intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment environment.

“Harmony creates opportunity for growth and development. This is not only made available for our clients, it’s also true for staff. A truly unique and appealing feature of Harmony Foundation is an individual can come here as a client and develop into a compassionate and knowledgeable staff member who gives back the same quality experience that was once received. While never a client of Harmony’s, I have been given an opportunity to be part of an organization dedicated to providing our clients with a state of the field treatment experience.”

Bob Van Nest

Bob Van Nest Certified Recovery Coach, CAC I

Clinical Case Manager

Bob brings his strength, hope and experience as an 8 year veteran person in recovery. He has held many positions at Harmony including counseling tech, admissions specialist and most recently clinical case management. Recently certified as a Recovery Coach, Bob’s focus is to help clients with the next phase of their recovery journey after the complete treatment at Harmony. He works collaboratively with the clients in creating a recovery plan to help them in their early stages of recovery.

“Helping others improve their quality of life is something I’m proud to be a part of. I love the mission and the ability to see a client’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual miracles.“


Scott Coman Certified Recovery Coach

Clinical Case Manager

Scott has lived in Colorado for the past 11 years, working mostly in sales and construction. Scott received his undergraduate degree in International Studies from Colorado State University. A Harmony Alum, Scott has been with Harmony for just over 1 year, originally working as a counseling tech in the detox, residential, and Transitional Care programs. Now as a clinical case manager, Scott works with the clients to establish continued support for clients in their ongoing recovery. He is a CCAR Certified Recovery Coach and is working towards his certification in addiction counseling.

“It is a gift to be able to work with clients, and to give them the necessary support to be successful in their journey of recovery. Harmony created a foundation for my recovery 8 years ago. To come back and contribute to the recovery of those who come after is incredible.”