In 1969, a group of local men discussed the need to help others in Estes Park who were struggling with the disease of alcoholism. Pooling their resources, they purchased a 42-acre parcel of land on Fish Hatchery Road, known as “Harmony Ranch.”  From the beginning, Harmony was a place where men and women could come to address their relationship with substances, attend 12 step recovery meetings and then return home to build their recovery. Over time the original premise was expanded to include group therapy sessions, the expertise of a physician, and a treatment protocol based on the Minnesota Model.

Beginning in 2008, Harmony expanded detox facilities and approaches to include Subutex detox methods for opioid addicts. We have found this to be very helpful in assisting addicts through the very painful physical process of detoxing from these drugs.

Harmony has an outstanding program, spanning five decades of providing successful treatment for alcoholics and drug addicts. Throughout its history, Harmony has shown itself to be adaptable to social, economic, and moral trends within both the community at large and the treatment community specifically. Harmony continues to provide the tools needed for successful, ongoing recovery, utilizing evidence-based best practices in an unparalleled mountain setting at a moderate cost.

Today Harmony is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and continues to be a state of the art, affordable, treatment program utilizing a time-tested, evidence-based, 12-step treatment model that addresses mind, body, and spirit.