What to Bring

Maximum of one medium suitcase. Please be aware that space is limited. Do not over pack!

What To Bring:

  • ALL prescribed medications in the original bottles, no vitamins or supplements. DO NOT REFILL your medications
  • ALL your insurance cards for medical, prescriptions and dental.
  • Blank check or credit card for the Safeway Pharmacy account.
  • ONE weeks’ worth of clothing. BE PREPARED FOR ALL TYPES OF WEATHER.
  • Toiletries, pump hairspray is ok as long as alcohol free.
  • Flip flops for the shower if desired.
  • Spending money $25-$30
  • Tobacco users – bring one month supply or make arrangements for some to be brought up during visiting. We do not allow: electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, loose leaf tobacco and/or pipes.
  • Heating pad, if needed
  • Favorite pillow and /or blanket
  • One or two family photos
  • Book bag
  • Gum if sealed / unopened
  • 3 books, MP3 player – not WiFi capable
  • List of phone numbers to people you will want to call

What Not To Bring

  • NO over the counter medications, herbal / dietary supplements / protein powders.
  • NO weapons of any kind
  • NO outside food or drinks, except unopened gum
  • NO perfume, cologne, aftershave, butane, lighter fluid, hair dye or bath salts
  • NO aerosols
  • NO hand sanitizer or mouthwash containing alcohol
  • NO camisoles or revealing clothing, saggy pants or in bad condition
  • NO clothing with foul language or substance related words / logos
  • NO tobacco rolling papers
  • NO exercise / athletic equipment
  • NO games / playing cards
  • NO electric hair clippers (beard trimmers are allowed)
  • NO toiletries NOT in original bottles and
  • NO electronics – cell phones, laptop computers, cameras, hand-held electronics, (i.e.: iPod, Blackberry, Kindle/Nook, iPad etc.).
  • NO electronic cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, loose leaf tobacco and/or pipes. Any of them items brought on campus will be sent home or may be destroyed.

Please Note

  • This is a peer driven program and we want clients to interact vs. isolating themselves.
  • While at Harmony, you will be under the care of our medical director (an M.D. and Licensed Addictionologist).
  • Please make a list of all names and phone numbers from your cell phone, as you will not be able to keep your phone while in treatment.

Harmony Foundation, Inc. will not be held liable for the condition / security of any non-approved items.  All items brought in that are not allowed will be sent home with family members or held until discharge.