Harmony’s Family Program

Harmony’s family program has long held the reputation of being one of the most powerful and important components of a client’s treatment experience. Family members and concerned others are often deeply affected by the behavior inherent in the lifestyle of someone who is chemically dependent. Seemingly irreconcilable damage to relationships, with feelings of confusion, hurt and anger, is often the result of living with addiction.

Family Addiction Counseling

Harmony places great emphasis on helping affected family members and concerned others, providing a structured, intensive Family Program on our campus that includes:

  • Information about the disease of addiction
  • Development of recovery skills and new coping strategies
  • Educational lectures
  • Effective communication skills
  • Group feedback sessions to support the learning experience
  • Development of a personal recovery plan
  • Introduction to 12-Step programs for on-going support
  • Individual counseling as requested

Harmony’s Family Addiction Treatment Program offers renewed hope for all those with the addiction and those affected by it. Additional help is sometimes needed to continue the work that begins at Harmony such as individual, couples, or family counseling . Our qualified staff is always available to assist clients and family in finding additional support services.

Participation by family and concerned others in the treatment process has proven to be of compelling importance to a successful outcome in the recovery process. Join us for our Addiction Treatment Family Program – AND LET THE HEALING BEGIN!

To find out more, please call 970-586-4491 or email us.