Paul Whittle

Board Chair

Paul joined the Board of Directors in 2003. He currently serves as Treasurer providing fiscal support to Harmony leadership. He has served on numerous commercial and non-profit  boards and in senior business leadership positions. Although now retired he served as CEO for MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Peaceful Mountain Inc. and American Educational Products, Inc.

Mr. Whittle is a long time person in recovery who is fully committed to the Harmony mission and vision. He feels that his service to Harmony is a key part of “giving back” for the benefits he has received in recovery, as well as a sincere amend to the world in accordance with AA Step 9.

“I believe that Harmony is the premier recovery program in the Country and is committed to helping as many people as possible to achieve sustained recovery from substance abuse.”

Mike Williams

Vice Chair

Mike is the current President and CEO of Colorado Credit Union. A position he has served for over 25 years. He has over 32 years of leadership experience offering insight into strong business acumen and leadership growth.

Mr. Williams currently serves as the Chairman of the Credit Union Service Network Board of Directors and is a member of the National Association of Credit Union Supervisors Credit Union Advisory Board.

Currently, Vice President of the Harmony Foundation Board of Directors, Mike has a deep commitment to organization fiscal growth. He assists and supports the Harmony Foundation Philanthropy Department as the Chairman of the Harmony Fundraising Committee so that clients and families can access treatment services.

“As alum of Harmony I have a very strong commitment to ensuring that Harmony continues to thrive and prosper for years to come continuing to deliver the gift of recovery to all who seek it.”


Alan Litner


Alan joined the Board in 2019. He is an attorney who most recently served as General Counsel for an insurance group on behalf of multiple insurance companies. Alan continues to provide consulting services to the insurance industry, serves on the Board of Directors for the Boulder Alano Club, and provides pro-bono legal services.

As a long-time person in recovery, Alan passionately believes that a better life is achievable and sustainable once we are no longer actively engaged in our addictive behavior. Alan joined the Board because he believes Harmony offers exceptional care and a foundation for sustained recovery to Harmony’s clients and their families.

Don MacPherson

Board Member

Don MacPherson is CEO, Polymath-in-Training, and Host of 12 Geniuses – a podcast for curious and voracious learners. Don interviews exceptional people about trends and technologies changing the way we live and work. A five-time entrepreneur, Don has spent 25 years studying the employee experience, the attributes of great leadership, and how healthy organizational cultures are created and sustained.

An avid traveler and volunteer, Don has visited 70+ countries and been a Big Brother mentor for more than 20 years.

Caren Furbeyre

Board Member

Caren Furbeyre recently joined the board of directors of Harmony and is looking forward to working with a talented and diverse group of committed associates.  An artist by training, Caren’s career began in Los Angeles in the 1980s. After  returning home to Spokane, Washington in the mid 1990’s  she focused on raising her two sons and began volunteering with numerous non profit organizations in education, the arts and other community interests. In recent years she returned to her work as an artist and is continuing to make and exhibit her paintings. Additionally she has been an active participant in a family business that includes operations in finance and agriculture.
“Sobriety and 12 step recovery has been an integral part of my life for many years.  I cannot begin articulate how important this has been to both my life and the lives of my loved ones.  I am honored to be invited to be a part of the Harmony community and I look forward to contributing to the work that Harmony has been dedicated to for many decades.”

Elizabeth Dean, CPCC

Board Member

Elizabeth is the daughter of our Founder, Bob Dean. In 2016, after a successful career in the corporate world as an executive recruiter, she founded Elizabeth Dean Coaching, where she is a life and career transition coach.   Elizabeth has traveled the world providing leadership development workshops for Fortune 500 Companies.  She has previous experience in the hospitality industry, managing high end restaurants in New York and LA and is also a professional actor.  She connects with people right where they are in their process, with no judgment, and leads them forward.  She was incredibly helpful as a member of the Step by Step Fundraising Committee and is obviously deeply committed to Harmony.  Elizabeth will bring the Board an important legacy connection as well as a keen sensitivity to the work we do.

Erica Mitchell, MD

Board Member

Erica Mitchell is an attending psychiatrist for Hennepin Healthcare in Minneapolis with publications on gene therapy and therapeutic advances in neurological disorders. She graduated cum laude in biology from Harvard University and earned her MD at the University of Pennsylvania School of medicine.

Lisa Reich, RN

Board Member

Lisa Reich has over three decades of experience in leading, working, and consulting in healthcare. She has experience as a Registered Nurse in many settings and capabilities that reach clinical, non-clinical, financial, and administrative branches.

During her tenure with Studer Group/Huron, Lisa led coaching engagements for organizations ranging from critical access to large academic health systems. In working with a broad spectrum of organizations, she can adapt a strategy that works for organizations to achieve outcomes.

She has worked extensively with many types of healthcare organizations, including acute care, ambulatory, emergency/urgent care, medical practices, behavioral health, and substance use treatment centers.
Speaking to inspire, Lisa uses real-life experiences to connect training for audiences that apply to their current work. She focuses on being human and using our strengths to give back to others.

Her passion for better healthcare has impacted hundreds of organizations, thousands of caregivers, and even more patients. Lisa joined Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG) to bring enhanced solutions to the healthcare industry. The organization’s mission is to positively impact those who receive and provide care. HPSG specializes in helping healthcare organizations diagnose and
treat their most urgent pain points to achieve and sustain results.