2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to the gateway of transformation and hope – the Harmony Foundation’s 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities.

We believe that every individual, regardless of their journey, deserves a chance at recovery and a brighter future. Through a network of compassionate programs and initiatives, we are dedicated to supporting those seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction.

As you explore these opportunities, you will discover options tailored to suit various budgets and objectives. Each event is crafted to maximize your philanthropic impact while aligning with your values and goals.

Together, we can pave the way for brighter, healthier futures. Join us in this journey of compassion, support, and transformation.

Thank you for considering Harmony Foundation as your partner in this critical mission. Below, you will find the Sponsorship Packet, which provides a detailed look at each level of sponsorship available for the 2024 events. If interested in one or more opportunities, please visit the Commitment Page and complete the required information. Early commitment to a sponsorship level streamlines event planning and allows us to support you better.

Sponsorship Packet 2024
2024 Sponsorship Commitment Page

2024 Sponsorship Payment Portals
StepUp for Women & Recovery
Links to Recovery