Brian Koonce

Alumni Coordinator

Brian is a 2019 Harmony Alum with years of profound personal and professional experience working in the recovery field. He began his career at Harmony as a Counseling Tech in 2020, and it was here that he developed his love and passion for working with others. Brian is a Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) and a Certified Recovery Coach. He is also a member of Harmony’s LDI Leadership Team and serves on Harmony’s Golf Committee. Brian’s care and commitment to recovery also extend to the local community. He is a huge advocate for overdose awareness and is a regular speaker at Overdose Awareness Day events across Colorado.

“As a person in recovery, I consider it an honor and a privilege to work with those on the same journey. Getting sober was the most important decision I ever made because it put my life on a whole new trajectory. I get excited thinking about the difference our clients are going to make in their own lives and in the world at large.”