Lisa Reich, RN

Board Member

Lisa Reich has over three decades of experience in leading, working, and consulting in healthcare. She has experience as a Registered Nurse in many settings and capabilities that reach clinical, non-clinical, financial, and administrative branches.

During her tenure with Studer Group/Huron, Lisa led coaching engagements for organizations ranging from critical access to large academic health systems. In working with a broad spectrum of organizations, she can adapt a strategy that works for organizations to achieve outcomes.

She has worked extensively with many types of healthcare organizations, including acute care, ambulatory, emergency/urgent care, medical practices, behavioral health, and substance use treatment centers.
Speaking to inspire, Lisa uses real-life experiences to connect training for audiences that apply to their current work. She focuses on being human and using our strengths to give back to others.

Her passion for better healthcare has impacted hundreds of organizations, thousands of caregivers, and even more patients. Lisa joined Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG) to bring enhanced solutions to the healthcare industry. The organization’s mission is to positively impact those who receive and provide care. HPSG specializes in helping healthcare organizations diagnose and
treat their most urgent pain points to achieve and sustain results.