Holiday Support Series

The Holiday Support Series, seven free virtual events facilitated by various Harmony staff, is designed to explore the diverse aspects of recovery during the holiday season.

We welcome anyone in, curious about, or supportive of recovery.

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NOV 21 – Deciphering Triggers & Upholding Sobriety
Facilitator: Kim Roberts, LCSW
This session delves into the prevalent themes around triggers. We’ll equip participants with strategies to identify these triggers within themselves and others while suggesting proactive measures for moments when these triggers threaten sobriety.

NOV 28 – Navigating Depression & Loneliness
Facilitator: Rebecca Sugar, MSW, LCSW
As the holidays approach, seasonal stress may amplify these feelings, especially for those on their recovery journey. We’ll explore ways to navigate and mitigate these challenging emotions.

DEC 5 – Service & Gratitude
Facilitator: Dianne Asher, LCSW
Engaging in service work not only creates meaningful connections but also bolsters self-worth. Recognizing oneself as an integral part of a community can be transformational. Coupled with the force of gratitude, this session encourages individuals to spot the silver linings in their lives, fostering greater happiness.

DEC 12 – Grief & Loss
Facilitator: Steve Aronson
The void left by loved ones can feel even more profound during the festive season. We’ll guide participants through the elements of grief and illuminate pathways to healing and acceptance.

DEC 19 – Family Dynamics
Facilitator: Megan Hauschulz, MSW, CAS
Holidays often bring families to the forefront, regardless of physical proximity. This session provides insights into navigating complex family relationships addressing mental health or substance use issues, all while safeguarding one’s own recovery journey.

DEC 26 – Resilience & Growth Mindset
Facilitator: Vance Hansen, MACP, LAC, CCTP
Harnessing inner strength and adopting a growth mindset can be pivotal in one’s recovery journey. In this session, we’ll explore the art of bouncing back from setbacks and cultivating an adaptable mindset that sees challenges as opportunities for growth.

JAN 2 – Self-Care & Visioning the Future
Facilitator: Isabel Serafin
As we conclude our series, we’ll reflect on our collective journey, taking the insights gained to craft a vision for 2024. Centering on self-care, we’ll empower participants to approach the future with hope and resilience.