Conquering Executive Function Woes

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Disorganization, poor time management, and difficulty shifting gears are just a few symptoms of poor executive functioning. EF skills are essential throughout all stages of life and are the most inquired about skills from both parents of children and adults in the workplace from our experts at The Nectar Group. These skills enable us to develop leadership, time management, and prioritization, along with allowing us to follow multi-step instructions, think critically, and adapt to change. We’ll build a solid understanding of and cover how you can help you and your clients develop these critical skills!

Presented by:
Andrea Pitman, Executive Director
The Nectar Group

Andrea Pitman is the Executive Director and Founder of The Nectar Group. She has over 18 years of experience working with children, adults, and families through cognitive skills training, consulting, and teaching. Andrea received her education and teaching certification from Southwestern University. She has consulted with over 80 learning programs across the US to help improve client outcomes. With a rich background in education and neuroscience, she has always striven to pinpoint the root issues of learning challenges and create comprehensive plans of action to help clients achieve excellent results. She is particularly interested in integrative approaches to improving brain health, function, and general well-being. She enjoys cooking, the arts, reading, listening to podcasts, being outdoors, and playing with her two cats, Paddington Bear and Sterling Fox.

Andrea is a Master Level Certified Cognitive Coach, Certified Teacher, Psychometrist, Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach, Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine Certificates in Environmental Health, Integrated Approaches to Anxiety, The Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Integrative Pediatric Neurology: ADHD and Autism, and Wellness & Lifestyle Series

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