Doctors, and Nurses, and Pilots, Oh My! Working with Impaired Professionals

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

Some treatment centers claim to offer “Professionals’ Programs/Tracks” that focus on the high functioning professional who often have career licensing issues. In reality, what does it really mean to offer a Professionals Program? Elements of these programs can vary widely and understanding their purpose is equally important when referring or choosing a to participate in a Professional’s Program. This presentation will provide an overview of the traditional rationale for a dedicated addiction treatment program for professionals, the clinical design of a “true” professional program, and a solution-focused approach to common barriers that prevent professionals from seeking treatment.

Chip Glaze is founder and director of 1st Call Behavioral Health Services. He received his B.S., M.S., and J.D. from Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Chip is a Mississippi licensed attorney and licensed marriage and family therapist with extensive experience in behavioral health counseling, family therapy, and crisis intervention with professionals. He speaks nationally on topics ranging from working with impaired professionals, communication & de-escalation in the professional setting, and suicide prevention. Glaze is a “newtive” Coloradan. Before moving to CO in January 2019, Chip served as the Director of The Mississippi Bar Lawyers and Judges Assistance Program from 2011-2018.

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