How Brainspotting Can Positively Impact a Person’s Recovery

This presentation is no longer eligible for a CEU.

In this special two-hour webinar, Dr. Joanne Baum will share the benefits of using Brainspotting therapeutically with people in their recovery journey. The idea that emotional pain from traumatic events and unresolved trauma often triggers a person to use or escalate their usage is widely accepted in our field. We often bemoan the idea that we don’t have enough tools to help us help others in their healing work, especially in their trauma healing work. The subcortical area of the brain is where “trauma capsules” are housed and where the amygdala often keeps you in flight, fight, or fear so you can’t think straight. Healing on that level allows people newfound freedom to heal old wounds and develop different, healthier ways of being. We are finding that Brainspotting works on the subcortical area of the brain, and it’s very effective in healing trauma, helping people break through “being stuck,” and changing automatic, unwanted reactions into thoughtful responses title. All of these processes enhance a person’s recovery and work to prevent relapse.

Presented By:
Joanne Baum, Ph.D., LCSW, CAS
Support 4 Families

Joanne Baum, Ph.D., LCSW, CAS, has been in private practice since 1981. She is licensed in Colorado, Florida, and Indiana as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her Ph.D. is in Social Welfare, a multidisciplinary approach to Social Work. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Baum has taught at Central Michigan University and two community colleges in California. Joanne was a co-clinical director at the Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic Detox Project from 1981 to 1983. Joanne has written four books on Cocaine, Marijuana and two Parenting books based on her theory, “Respectful Parenting.” Dr. Baum has spoken at conferences and done training for professionals and paraprofessionals throughout the country on various subjects. She believes that all people can heal from the inside out.

Dr. Baum has been trained as a Family Mediator, a Divorce Coach, and a Certified Brainspotting Therapist.

Dr. Baum has been doing Telehealth since 2014 and finds it’s very effective in allowing people to engage in therapy from the comfort of their homes or offices. She works with individuals and couples. During her 40+ years of working, Joanne, who likes variety and learning new things, has developed a range of specialties, including 1) all aspects of Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder, including Assessments/Evaluations, Outpatient Treatment, Aftercare/Continuing Care, and Codependency, 2) Healing Trauma, 3) Brainspotting, 4) Being “Stuck” in life, in relationships, and figuring out what’s next, 5) Stress and Anxiety, 6) Working with young adults who are having trouble making the transition into “adulting” while in college and beyond college, 7) Women’s issues, 8) Various life transition, 9) LGBTQIA+ issues, and 10) Divorce Coaching. Basically, Joanne likes to work with people who want to make meaningful changes in their lives.