Inpatient Rehab versus Outpatient Rehab

Many individuals seeking treatment for their addictions will weigh the pros and cons of inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment when making their decision. There are many differences between these two treatment options. Inpatient treatment involves around the clock care while the client lives in the facility. Outpatient treatment involves care within a specific time period, while the client lives at home, or somewhere other than the facility. Outpatient treatment can initially be attractive to those in active addiction because it seems to be less of an interruption to their daily lives. While the addict may be well aware of the fact that they need inpatient or residential treatment, the ability to continue living at home and attending work or school may sway their decision in favor of outpatient treatment. Recent studies have suggested that, depending on the circumstances of the individual and their addiction, the decision between inpatient and outpatient treatment may be more clear-cut than originally thought.

A recent study found that residential treatment had a much higher success rate than outpatient treatment with young adults with an opiate dependence. The study found that 30 percent of young adults with opiate addictions who participated in a month long inpatient treatment program were still sober one year later. The same study indicated the same demographic who attended outpatient treatment showed only 17 percent of its participants sober after one year.

Seeking help for an addiction is a monumental step in the recovery process. However, seeking the right treatment for the specific addiction you face is vital to the long-term chances of your success with sobriety and recovery. In many cases, the convenience of outpatient treatment alters the opinion of young adults with opiate addictions looking for treatment, and leads to them electing outpatient treatment due to the convenient aspects it offers. Though outpatient addiction treatment certainly has its benefits, inpatient treatment at a tried and true addiction treatment facility provides the greatest chance at a lasting recovery for young adults with an opiate dependence.

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