Young Adult Recovery Treatment

Young adults ages 18 to 23 often have needs that are distinct from those of older clients. They are in a different place in their life with respect to relationships and career. At Harmony, we understand their needs. While they spend much of their time in the men’s or women’s program, our young adult recovery treatment group sets aside special time each week to focus on their need. These sessions employ types of therapy that have been shown to be most effective in the healing of young adults.

Taking advantage of Harmony’s special location, our young adult group makes use of a number of experiential therapies that help clients connect with nature while they develop a new sense of who they are apart from substance use. Each week includes an outing—such as hikes and rock climbing—that takes them away from the normal anxieties and stresses of life to a place where they can develop mindfulness.

Harmony also employs other modalities of experiential therapy, such as performance art. Through expressing their situation through drama and hearing their own thoughts being spoken by others, clients can confront the narratives and defense mechanisms they have built up under addiction, allowing them to rid themselves of unhealthy thought processes.

As their confidence and sense of self grows, so does their ability to live free from drugs and alcohol.

Our young adult group usually covers ages ranging from 18 to 23. In certain cases, clients up to age 26 are admitted.