Working with Men and SUDs: Building a bridge from the “Man Rules” to the Principles of Recovery through clinical interventions

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

In this presentation, we will explore a path to recovery for men. By helping men dismantle the “Man Rules,” we can better enable them to practice the Principles of Recovery. We will examine clinical interventions that deconstruct the harmful socialized beliefs of masculinity and build a culture of community, connection, and courage in their place. The journey starts with the concept of self and moves into relationships, sexuality, and spirituality. Recovery happens in relationships—the Principles of Recovery are the blueprint for building healthy and rewarding connections with others.

Presented by:
D.J. Bishop, LPC, LAC
Experiential Therapist – DJBTherapy

D.J. is an experiential therapist who facilitates both experiential groups and individual therapy.   He resides and practices therapy in Louisville, Colorado in his private practice, DJB Therapy.  D.J. was born and raised in the panhandle of Florida before moving to Los Angeles, where he earned graduate degrees in history and psychology.

During his professional journey, he has had the privilege of being a primary clinician at Jaywalker Lodge. Jaywalker is a renowned drug and alcohol treatment center for men in Carbondale, Colorado. D.J. spent his time there helping men walk through trauma to better integrate into 12-step recovery communities.

After Jaywalker, D.J. started his private practice in Louisville and serves as a group leader at Onsite Workshops in Cumberland Furnace, Tennessee. Onsite is one of the preeminent trauma treatment centers in the U.S. He leads individual and group experiential intensives to help clients move through their trauma, grief, anxiety, and relationship challenges.