Young Adults Drink More Around Friends

Young Adult Alcohol Rehab Colorado

A recent study found that young adults consume more alcohol when they are around a greater number of friends. The study took place in natural settings, not a lab. The subjects recorded when they had a drink, and how many friends were around them at the time they had a drink. Though both sexes showed a significant increase in the amount of drinks they had when a greater number of friends were around, the peak in consumption was especially prevalent in males.

Young adult’s drinking is affected when others are around them. Young adults also have an unrealistic view of others in their social circle. Many times, they see their peers as more daring than they really are. This can lead to attempting to live up to unrealistic expectations they place on themselves. They believe they need to make more daring decisions, and take steps to achieve that. With substance abuse, this can quickly lead to addiction.

Addiction treatment can often be tricky with young adults. Many times, they see treatment as a form of punishment, and therapists as extensions of parental authority. This can cause the young person to not be as open to retaining valuable knowledge gained in rehabilitation as their older counterparts. To truly reach, and treat, young adults a program must be designed specifically for them.

Harmony Foundation offers a young adult recovery track that caters to the unique circumstances of young people. If you would like to learn more about what Harmony’s young adult program offers, please contact us for additional information.