Boundaries and Attachment: Understanding the Underlying Behaviors that Drive Unhealthy Sex in Clients

*This presentation is no longer eligible for the 1 CE credit*

Healthy sex is a vital part of the human experience, much like food, recovery from sex addiction and intimacy disorders can be difficult as abstinence is not the key.

This presentation will explore the root of unhealthy sexual behaviors and will address the boundary and attachment issues that tend to drive these behaviors in clients. It will also outline dimensions of healthy sexuality and patterns that may undermine a clients sobriety.

Josh Pittman, LMHC, CTT, CSAT

Josh Pittman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Florida who received his Bachelors in Psychology from Saint Leo University and his Masters in Counseling from Webster University. He brings to the team a vast knowledge of trauma and addiction as a result of his years of experience in the field working with clients with complex PTSD, sex addiction and substance use disorder. Josh has been certified in trauma and has been a CSAT since 2012. As Clinical Director of The Refuge, Josh remains committed to staying rooted in the unique and effective clinical traditions the Refuge has built a national reputation on over the last 20 years.