Understanding Intervention and Structured Family Recovery®

*This presentation is no longer eligible for a CEU*

Intervention is not what you see on tv. At least not a good intervention. Intervention is a loving, caring experience that doesn’t have to be confrontational. It should be designed to preserve the client’s dignity at all costs. Structured Family Recovery® is the culmination of good intervention and good treatment. It is about creating a recovery support team out of a family to improve outcomes and bring a family together in ways they never imagined.

Presented by:
Carver Brown and Lauren Kirschberg
Creative Addiction Services

Carver Brown is a certified Recovery Coach and Trainer with the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and is a Structured Family Recovery® Counselor. He is also a Grief Recovery Specialist certified with the Grief Recovery Institute. Carver volunteers on a task force for the Episcopal Recovery Program and the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Carver is a Love First Clinical Interventionist and has over 15 years of experience working in the addiction treatment industry. He has taken over 7000 people (and counting!) through The 12 Steps nationwide through a program called Back to Basics by Wally Paton.
carver@casrecovery.com | 601-953-6215

Lauren Kirschberg graduated from the University of Alabama where she studied Adult Development, Family Systems, and Addiction. She began working in the addiction recovery industry in 2010 alongside Carver Brown. Lauren is a Love First Clinical Interventionist. She is also a certified Recovery Coach through the Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) and a Structured Family Recovery® Counselor.